Monday, June 06, 2011

Weekend Hyd Out

Last week was World Environment Day and India played global host.
Read all about it here, here and here.

The weekend before that was when a good friend of mine, Qurious Quester came over to Hyderabad to meet me, Dee another friend from IIT days and see the city!

I picked her up from the airport and headed to my house and spent a while chilling out in air conditioned environment (yes, Hyd is hot). Then we headed out to Lumbini Park where we met Dee and went up to the statue in Hussain Sagar, spent some lazy time and returned home.
On Saturday we saw Charminar, shopped for bangles, walked along Laad Bazar to Chowmahalla Palace.

The palace was vast and beautiful. We admired it for a while, then settled down under a tree for a picnic lunch. After lunch we realized we actually did not complete our tour. It was much bigger than we imagined. We caught sight of a few vintage vehicles as well. By now we were tired. Though the sun was not beating down on us it was still dehydrating. So what best up a CCD from where we could see Charminar. We spent a good couple of hours there before we decided to leave old city.

We directly went to Prasadz and the first stop was the 4D show. After that we went to Scary House. Now there is a little background to remember. Qurious Quester and I had been to a scare house in Pittsburgh when I visited her last September. That day we got really scared. Like shit scared! And she was almost in tears (see, I didn't say she cried)! So today when the three of us walked in, the two of us were already scared with anticipation. But it was dark, almost pitch black! Sort of no reason to get scared. Once I realized we were being followed and suddenly it occurred to me that it's been a while but the darkness stopped us from figuring out. But we screamed nevertheless, for fun! We came out screaming and laughing and out of breathe. When we recovered, our throats hurt with all the screaming and our stomachs with the laughter. Then we went into Mirror Maze. Sadly we were too smart and figured it out too quickly, finding our way out!

We went over to Dee's house to watch two chick flicks back to back while I put mehendi (designs from the web) for all of us. We then crashed off peacefully. Next morning we woke up and it was dun to cook by ourselves from coffee to breakfast to lunch. And then push off to the airport.

After a send off to Qurious Quester, Dee and I headed over to Abids for the Sunday Book Bazaar. We spent a lot of time in the hot sun and the only thing I finally got was The Witch of Portobello. Mom is reading it. Will give a review after I am done.

Finally, a great weekend in Hyderabad!

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