Friday, July 29, 2011

Do YouSee ?

Activity: UCDS funds and hand holds NGO's in specific projects. Its projects include:
a) Free health services -Chennai.Partner- SSHT.
b) Project for rag-pickers-Indore -partner IGS.
c) Sponsoring IT education for destitute girl children- Bhubhaneshwar-partner PUSS.

UCDS likes to morph its approach along the learning curve. Currently they are interested in taking up projects which adopt Integrated development models for providing services to urban poor. They firmly believe that integrated approach has the potential to sustain the out comes of the development projects in the long term.

Support: Primary, literacy for adults, vocational and technical education, hospitals and health care centers, medical research, primary health care, environmental education, pollution control, training & capacity buildings, livelihood promotion.

Note: UCDS promotes a unique funding model for Social development financing. They call this Post-paid donations. UC provides its donors an opportunity to evaluate results of social development projects before they want to make a donation. In this way, potential donors are donating for results and not in anticipation of them!! To put it in simple words UC knocks away the guess work in the process of donation by giving the donor a choice to assess the results and figure out if it is worth donating for this cause.

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