Friday, July 22, 2011

Lend A Hand - Mentor Together !

Join and help someone in the right direction.

Activity: According to the Confederation of Indian Industry, about 69 percent of unemployed Indians are educated but lack skills. Thus, the formal education program alone is not imparting employability skills. These problems are only compounded for the large segment of the youth who come from underserved communities, because they do not have the socio-economic partnerships to mitigate these circumstances.
Mentortogether runs structured mentoring programs, with curriculum for soft and hard skill development, which also utilise the knowledge and experiences of carefully selected volunteer mentors, and provides a channel of empowerment to underserved youth.

Mentoring Program:
  • Targets improved written English and basic computer skills via online mentoring platforms.
  • Targets greater interpersonal and social skills via face-to-face mentoring.
  • Aims to broaden mentee knowledge with respect to academic and career opportunites by matching mentors to mentees based on shared academic and career interests.
  • Aims to achieve the goals of Education for Sustainable Development by encouraging mentees to think about the relationship between their families, their local community and their country, and also their role as a future empowered citizens.
  • Aims to engender knowledge and experience sharing in the mentor pool, and institutionalise a mentoring culture amongst volunteers.

Mentortogether ran a pilot program from November 2009 to April 2010 in Bangalore with 20 high-school students of a private school for the urban poor. They are currently running our first full-length year-long mentoring program with 21 girls of a Government Home in Mysore.

Support: Primary, Secondary, Higher Education, Remedial and Special Education, Computer Literacy

Note: Primary, Secondary, higher education, remedial and special education, computer literacy

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