Friday, August 05, 2011

Not Just A Dot

"The ‘decimal’ is simply a dot wihin a number. Its position within a number determines what the number means to us. Just a shift to the right or left changes its meaning exponentially. This is our hope at Decimal. We envision small meaningful interventions, that will change the value of life exponentially, for those touched by us."

Activity: 1. Public health improvement (preventive and primary), in both urban and rural areas.
2. Creating a safe working and living environment for marginalized populations.
3. Environmental sustainability.
4. Communicable and tropical disease prevention.
5. Women empowerment and employment generation.
6. Childcare.

At Decimal they believe in helping those in need with simple but sustainable solutions. Each solution has an objective of social welfare and a robust business plan backing it. Each project, along with benefiting the target population, is sustainable.

Decimal Foundation works on projects from multiple fields, be it Health, child care, women empowerment and employment generation or the environment. What remains constant in all these projects is the spirit of Decimal.

 Each project is linked with finance and marketing teams, in order to bring in self sustainability which is key in all their projects.
  • Public health improvement (preventive and primary).
  • Livelihood for marginalized populations.
  • Environmental sustainability.
  • Communicable and tropical disease prevention.
  • Women empowerment and employment generation.
  • Childcare.
Note: Maid in India (MII) is aimed at organizing domestic helps into a formal labor force. With MII, all maids receive a set of benefits; including healthcare, insurance, training and standard jobs, utilizing the existing infrastructure. MII plans to create a single channel that will assist households with hiring and providing standardized services. This mutually beneficial system will help alleviate the poor standard of living and lack of recognition for the domestic helps, and provide households with the ease of finding and replacing house helps and fulfilling their social responsibility towards them.

"This project is different from others as we donate attempt to recreate the wheel. We simply create an easy channel to obtain what is rightfully theirs. What we also do differently is creating a revenue flow to make our project financially self-sustaining, enabling us to generate enough resources to expand and reach out to a larger population."

MII has two ongoing pilots to test different models, thus creating jobs for the unemployed, providing healthcare, training and a new social order.

Cost per Unit/Beneficiary: Rs. 1000.

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