Sunday, November 06, 2011

Fireworks Again!

It's amazing how many fireworks displays London has.
I was really excited about the Thames Festival since it ended in a fireworks display.
It was good.

Then I went all the way to Neasden just to watch fireworks on Diwali and it was well worth it.

This Saturday was Guy Fawkes Day. Basically a guy called Guy Fawkes wanted to blow up the Parliament House. He did not succeed. Every year the city celebrates the occasion by bursting firecrackers. Each council organises its own fireworks display simultaneously I guess. So the entire city lights up, even the suburbs, even households. It's like their Diwali or 4th of July. May be not that big because all households do not do it.

I went a couple of miles away to watch it.
Spectacle is the word. Beats the Neasden any day.

But, I wait for next Saturday, Lord Mayor's Show. They have fireworks again. This time it's just one place and on Thames again, after the Mayor's procession.

Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks!

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