Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mortal Immortal !

A nice 3D movie with Greek warriors, Greek Gods, Titans, a "much needed" hero, a bad bad villain challenging gods, virgin Oracles, devoted monks, a magical weapon, anything and everything that should be there in a Greek mythical movie.
But that's exactly what it is, too many things in one movie. There is no building up of the story or any character at all because there is no time to tell things slowly. The virgin Oracle predicts one but one vision which does not come true. The villain captures the virgin oracles and no one knows how even when people are ready to kill themselves to keep the women safe. There are nearly three wars in the movie one being just a few seconds. I have no idea what power the magical weapon Hercules' Bow gave our dear hero. No idea why the villain wanted to release the Titans. No idea why the Titans who were captive till that day had to be killed by Zeus suddenly even though he killed Thor himself and Athena died already. And many more questions to which I have no answers.

Yet, Greek heroes, Greek Gods, magical weapons in 3D makes for a lovely movie ! :)
A lazy weekend afternoon's perfect answer.

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