Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in London

I decided to stay back in London and not take a vacation in the holiday season but later. So i worked on Friday and my Christmas break began late Friday afternoon. Actually not, on Friday Santa came to office and everyone brought their kids along. They were few people reporting and more kids running around. Too much fun it was.

Had lunch on Friday afternoon with a friend from work and retired home lazily. On Saturday, i went far out to zone 6 to meet family i have never met and their family i have never met. A lot of new faces.
Christmas day itself since everything was shut down i didn't plan on doing much. But heard bricklane was opened so headed there for dinner with a friend from work. And met a couple of friends on boxing day. Oh and did i mention no shopping ? Well i was too scared to face the boxing day crowds and went on the next day but it was still too crowded for peace of mind.

And so my Christmas break melted before my eyes. And new years eve is fast approaching. No plans yet. Any ideas anyone ?

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