Sunday, February 26, 2012


A Lovely Saturday!

The London Transport Museum was awesome, just as most museums in this city !

They had lots of display models. The fun part was when they have an entire scene in a glass box as a model (of building or running tube lines) and they have little magnifying glasses with a speaker above them, as soon as you look through that piece of lens you will a small scene of the model and you can hear a fictitious conversation !
They have many trains where you can pop in check out the train. In one such, they have a man standing there just to say Mind The Gap ! :) (I actually got freaked out when he said it)

Then there are the posters of course! Lovely posters. The tube always had the best posters! They have a room that has various posters projected on its floor, ceiling, anywhere,...

They have a brilliant animation of the tube maps and the changes across the years - 1863 - 2003. Check out this youtube video that someone captured. Watch with mute.

Got tired after a while, so a visit again is due soooooooon. Like next weekend ?

The visit ended in a cute little cafe in covent garden. !

A Lovely Saturday !

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