Wednesday, March 28, 2012

7 Days a Week

Monday morning, at work.
Half a day of work and half a day of training. A long coffee at Starbucks talking about astrology and palmistry. A trip to the Jubilee market in Covent Garden only to find it closed. Two and half days of work and half a day of training. Second trip to Covent Garden to find the palmist closed.

Catch up with the continental guys, first house party. An entire day of training and an 9 to 5 schedule. Come home to take a quick nap. Second house party to meet up a whole set of new people. Here comes the weekend. First day of the year out without any warm clothing. Spend half a day at the charity. Ride the Boris bike for the first time. Don't realise it has gears, cycle too hard for too short and walk the rest of the way back. Hope to play some Catan. End up playing Temperature and Drawesome. Try to go to an exhibition on Bond Street. Instead end up walking the sunny crowded streets of Camden. 

Sit by the canal with the food street on it. Run the tube to Picadilly Circus with infinite delay. Land up in the movie theatre in the nick of time. Watch Kahaani. Go back home and call it a night and a week.
Monday morning, at work.

PS: None of the pictures are mine. All of them are taken from the internet and linked with urls.

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