Monday, March 05, 2012

You don't get zindagi again.

So you don't have too many zindagis ok, you just have one. Just one. That too you won't get again. So you need to enjoy it.
Go under water even when you can't swim. Jump off a plane, chumma. And best, get killed by a bull. Like step one step two and step three ok. And after that also you don't die then you go make a movie about how you tried to kill yourself. Because I mean really you have only one zindagi you know. So make movie. But remember, before that you have to dump your fiance a couple of months before the wedding. Why? Because bull didn't kill you.
If you are a cat you don't need to worry. Because bull cannot kill cat. Because you keep getting zindagis. So you can lead normal lives. You don't need to try and get killed. You can make boring money. Boring investment broker zindagi you can lead. Making boring 2000quid in a few mins. And you can cry when your payslip comes to you.
But if you are not a cat you need to go under water. Because underwater you cry and your salt tear water is barely salty for the ocean. I mean who cries when getting payslip ? No one except Bollywood heroes will cry for it. And make best friend your Bagwati.

Here see poster. What you 99% keep shouting at? Look at poor investment broker with sad life, he could not buy shirt also.

So anyway now go. To spain. Spend your zindagi and finish it there in a few days. Done!


  1. Anonymous1:10 pm

    Ha ha ha! Laughing out loud! :)

  2. Glad I could make at least one person laugh!