Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Bunnies

Easter weekend was long. The longest you can get, like in Christmas... 4 days....

We weren't sure if we could go to Isle of Wight, everyone said the weather was going to terrible. But we went anyway. We wanted to leave London by 7.30am but obviously we were ambitious. We reached Portsmouth, dumped our luggage and were super excited about taking a hover craft to Isle of Wight by 1pm. The hover craft was such a disappointment. It didn't look like it was hovering. Even if it was you can't see it. And from in it you can't see anything at all.

So we reached Ryde Harbour

and we grabbed some lunch while decided what other things we could see. Alum beach was one and Needles the other, both of them on a shore across the island from where we were. We found out that it would take way too long to get them and by the time everything would be shut. So there is no point.

So we took an open bus and roamed about the island for a bit and got off literally in the middle of nowhere at the highest point of the island.

 And at this highest point in the middle of the island is a shipwreck museum. Can you believe that ?

We went into this old english inn while we waited for the next bus which if we miss are stranded there for another hour. but luckily we managed to get the bus that took us to Sandown beach.

We lazed around for a while froze a bit, found a restaurant and found our way back to Ryde Harbour. We figure we missed the last hover craft and catch the next ferry.
Back in Portsmouth we strolled around the fancy area next to the beach and found an Indian restaurant for dinner. Had an argument with a manager which was pretty funny.

 The next day we just lazed around on the Portsmouth pebble beach, had some good food and headed back to London.

Oh there were 2 more days to the weekend which I did nothing on.

Quite an uneventful trip but my first trip out of London!