Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Channel Connection

When I was still studying in IIT, and we called up a European alumni for something, her mother said she went to France in the morning for some work, and should be back later that evening. It was so fascinating to me that you can just say you want to go to another country and just go and just come back all in a day and all with no prior booking.
So the fascination never left me... till last weekend that it.

On Thursday, a friend thought out aloud that it was going to be a beautiful weekend and a trip to Dover might be nice. I thought out aloud that if I go to Dover, I might as well go to Calais ! So I thought I would go on Saturday.

But I woke up late on Saturday and no one else seemed interested. Yet it was a sunny day. So I accompanied friends to Oxford Street for some random shopping, more like window shopping with all the live models posing as mannequins and the different kinds of decorations that turn up only in Oxford Street (check out LV window below, oh, and this pic is from Instagram which I have recently joined as "pranavab").

And later went to my favourite part of London (have I not said it enough number of times already?), South Bank, only to find it insanely crowded. And yet South Bank is always enchanting and full of surprises. Did I tell you the weekend before that I found this shortcut from Covent Garden Jubilee Market that brings us to the Thames (stairs on the opposite side of Strand from the market), and also introduced a friend to the magic of the area.

Anyhow. Come Sunday. I took the tube to London Bridge. I waited an hour on the platform because I missed the previous train in a matter of seconds. I reached Dover. I took a bus from Dover Priory to Port of Dover. I took the Spirit of France to Calais. I walked from the ferry terminus to Plage de Calais. I spent some time there. I walked back to the terminus. I took the Pride of Burgundy back to Dover. I took a bus from Port of Dover to Dover Priory. I took train to London Bridge and a tube back home.

And from these the open deck of Spirit of France, I watched the White Cliffs of Dover with sun shining brightly off of them. I strongly believe I could see them from Plage de Calais as well as I dipped my feet in the French waters, though someone might disagree.

A trip I always wanted to take, and such lovely weather it was! But now that I have done it, the charm is lost.

And a heads up, the next post is going to be senti...

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