Sunday, November 25, 2012

4 years in one picture

No, my name is not Pranav! No, it wasn't my birthday. And I'm far from 3 years old. Yet the cake was for me. You can imagine it was a big surprise!

My birthday fell in the summer hols during my IIT life. More like the monsoon but nevertheless, holidays. So I never celebrated it with my little gang of girls. Actually we didn't have many campus birthdays. Only one of us has a birthday during semester and we celebrated hers. For the rest it off the sem yet somehow it happened that over the four years we celebrated everyone else's once. Except mine!

On my very last day on campus, and I have never gone back to campus since so truly my last, my friends came into my room with this cake, apologised for the spelling mistake in my name and celebrated my non-birthday to make up for four birthday's I never had with them making it the most memorable day ever. And most importantly the most surprising.
Actually I had to act surprised. They couldn't really keep it a secret from me. One of them was so excited, she told me the previous night and asked me to act surprised. It only made it sweeter.
So there it is. Fours years of togetherness and all my insti life transformed into one cake, on one unexpected day, captured in one picture.
True, pictures do speak more than a thousand words!

I have been following WOW for a while but this idea caught my attention and I started browsing old pics.

God only knows how difficult it was to just pick one. And god only knows that a trip I took into the depths of beautiful memories. Thanks to Blogadda.
I had written about this incident earlier, when it actually took place. But to remember it, is far more beautiful.

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  1. Surely we people have some of the most memorable experiences in IIT :)

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  2. This sounds way better than having your birthday celebrated on your birthday. Friends are known to sometimes do the most uncharacteristically sweet things... Plus, that cake does look unbelievably appetizing! Nice post :)

    Priya @ Conversations