Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brunel and the Tunnel

Wapping station is literally under the Thames, the entrance right on the bank. Marc Brunel made it possible. Actually he made a lot of things possible including machine production and was the first person to envision mass production. He son, Isambard surpassed him and is often regarded as one of the world's greatest engineers.

Brunel Museum was by far the tiniest museum I ever saw. It's actually an engine room for the tunnel. Now used as a museum. But it still had everything. Sketches from the making of the Thames tunnel between Wapping and Rotherhithe, a video about the life of I K Brunel, storied of how young lad and his father made the tunnel happen. It also had a quip on how the tunnel that came after took very little time and money. However, that's now only used for cables while Brunel's tunnel is still used by the Overground, (running underground).

It is worth a visit. Won't take you more than a half hour. But you will love the stereoscopes, is that what they are called, the ones where you peep in to see a scene with a lot od depth that gives a 3D effect. Pretty cool.

I hear they have tunnel tours. Would love to do that sometime.

Outside too they have a lot of art. Murals on the walls. Bridge shaped benches! Would be lovely on a bright summer day.

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