Sunday, March 03, 2013


I slip in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams. I am aware. I am busy working when somewhere in the horizon I see a blast of lightning. Instinctively I duck away under the table. After a few seconds there is rumbling and then an intense wave of blasting air shattering the glass walls and debris hit everywhere. For a moment I am deaf. Then I am not. I hear people screaming and I get out of my hiding spot and run around to try make some sense of it when a wave of water crashes in from the glass wall that no longer exists. There is no water body around. Hard to comprehend. And the wave of water takes me with it and crashes into another wall. Again, the wall no longer exists and I felt myself being dragged towards it when someone grabbed me and gave me a handhold. Can't tell if it's a table or a chair. I slip in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams. I am aware. The whole world turns over as the water drags me but I am not falling. I am floating in free space. And then I settle on the hard floor. I am the only one of the hard floor. Everything is normal as it was before the blast. I pull myself up and remember that it was a dream. I feel flushed. I need to go to a quite place. I get out through a door and into a tiny little room in a house with a bed. The setting isn't right. It cannot be. There is a woman asleep on the bed. I wake her up. I ask her who she is. She stares blankly. I tell her it is not possible for her to be here. I question how she got here. She mumbles. I tell her I know this is a dream and I challenge her to tell me otherwise. Her world starts twirling over. Wait, I am falling. I hit the hard floor. I get up. She isn't there. Nothing is in an office closet. I dust myself off. I slip in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams. I am aware. I trace my steps back. The whole world was shattered. There was water. The walls are broken. People are trying to get on their feet. The wave had receded. The horizon warms again and there is a low thud of walking. It can't be Godzilla surely. I know this is a dream. I turn around and I run. I do not stop till I am on the street. A lot of people walking around. The building looks normal. Nothing is broken. There is no water. I slip in and out of sleep, in and out of dreams. I am aware. I start walking on the road pointless but determined to do something physical that gives me more command on my senses. It's hard to walk around a throng of people. But I am invisible to them. I am in a dream. All of it. I slip out of sleep, out of dreams. I am aware. Lying in my bed. Feeling hot and cold. Delirious.

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