Monday, July 01, 2013

Locked in

I got locked inside the worst place possible. Trash. My street has a room where you throw the trash bags in, and the trash is collected from there. This room has a combination lock. I have no idea why. What do people steal from trash, and why does it matter if they do? Anyhow it has a combination lock. I usually Just open the door and throw the bag over into the massive wheel barrow like vessel, usually already piled with other trash bags, all the while standing outside the room.Today this vessel was so filled up that if I threw the bag, it would roll back on to me. So I walked into the room to put it in the second empty vessel behind the first one. I put it in while the door closed behind me. I was locked.
The door is the wooden design with horizontal slanting slits for ventilation. I googled it for an appropriate name for the design but could not find (I mean I googled it now, not when I was stuck inside). So I could get plenty of air and that was a good thing. But no one could see me because the slope is downward. I get light though because it was very bright and sunny that day. I stuck my hand out and I realised I could fit my arm almost nearly till my elbow out. And I could even reach the keypad for the combination lock. Sadly I did not remember the configuration of the numbers on it. It had 6 rows of 2 columns. I could only remember that the bottom right (from my point of view, the bottom left) was a cancel button. So I could keep trying but I need to put the cancel button before I try. I tried to push some keys and see if it works but it didn't.
I remembered I had my smart phone with me. I could slip it out and take a picture. For some reason I was afraid it would fall out of my hands and I would lose the only thing that I have to contact the outside world in case I get stuck here really long. I slipped it in a bit, got worried I would drop it and pulled it back inside. The problem is that my phone is slippery and big and obviously does not bend.
In the far end, the massive gates to the road opened up. It meant that a car was either coming or going out. Luckily it was coming in. I started to scream and shout and bang the doors. The car stopped. I was glad. Then the garage door opened and the car went in. No one came out. No one heard me.
Again I started fidgeting with the keypad. I remembered the location of the first character, but I couldn't remember the rest. I started to slip my phone out again when I saw a person walking past on the far side. This time I really screamed. I screamed out saying I m locked in. He turned around and turned back to leave. I guess he couldn't see anything so assumed someone talking inside a house. I screamed again and again till he finally decided to investigate where the sound was coming from . Then I started to direct him towards me and finally he noticed my fingers flapping desperately out of those slits in the door.
He got me out and the first thing he asks how did I get locked in. Err. I was taking the trash out?

Later my friend told me there is a worse place to get locked-in. The bathroom of a hotel room.

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