Monday, October 28, 2013

Pirate Latitutdes

It started out as an annoying and boring book. I am not interested in pirates unless it's Johnny Depp dressed as one. And so it starts. Capt Charles Hunter based out of Port Royal in Jaimaca sets out on a pirate voyage calling it a privateering venture for cutting wood, to rip off a Spanish treasure ship from a Spanish strong hold, Matanceros. 

The operation goes from one precipice to another. It's interesting and you get sucked in. It may get a little too much drama but its fun, all the way to the end. And at the end the epilogue is the best.

The epilogue almost cons you. And it's perfect for this world of smartphones and wikipedia. Ironic isn't it, when the entire plot is based in 1660s and is written for the 21st century audience ?

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