Monday, October 28, 2013

The Illusionists

One of the last sunny weekend afternoons in London, we watched The Illusionists at Apollo. We had watched Now You See Me and we wanted to watch the real deal. It wasn't as grande obviously. But it was wonderfully done. 

The Mentalist opened the show with the oldest trick of all, pick a card from a pack and guessed a lot of things which he actually manipulated the audience into thinking
The Trickster was funny with audience volunteers and put up an entertaining show
The Escapologist escaped in time and charming with his Italian accent
The Inventor made a lovely rose for a little girl and he even made her do some magic
The Enchantress and the Gentleman melted solid rings through each other taken from the audience and cut her into two
The Anti-Conjuror, Dan Sperry, is the best of all. He didn't say a word, fashioned himself as Marilyn Mason and brought out pigeons out of everywhere and anywhere. But he also did some really weird things like getting a thread into his nose and out of his eyes. 

Incredible couple of hours!

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