Wednesday, January 22, 2014

That little nudge

It had been a while since I blogged. I had many drafts in the making (6 to be precise, so you can expect more soon). But I was lacking that little nudge. You know, the usual reasons: busy work life, busier personal life (for the first time probably), cold weather, holiday season, and most importantly procrastination.

Then I got this email the other day  that our dear old Slisha Crazy had been shortlisted for BlogAdda Awards under the category of Creative Writing. Honestly I'm flattered. It's no big deal. And I probably stood a better chance, if it had been 3 years ago when I was contributing to the blog on a daily basis; when you write 10  posts in a week, something is bound to be good. But nevertheless, I'm really excited about this. 

There is 80%weight to the content and 20%weight to the social media aspect of it where I publicise the shortlist and try to get likes and tweets for it. As I said I haven't been giving enough time to it to produce creative content. And I'm not really up on the social media part as well. So the chance of winning is low but the chance is there and try we must.

Here is the link to like it or tweet it.

Make My Blog WIN for BlogAdda Awards

I've shared on facebook and tweeted too. But then it is those who read the blog that can truly like it. I realised it's the readers that I should be asking for votes from. Don't know how it well pan out but like I said, adds to the  excitement. Little joys in Life, Universe and everything else. Should I get my hopes up?

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