Sunday, February 16, 2014


A close call can be fun.
I usually give myself a lot of time to go to the airport. I also check and double check that I have my passport, some money and tickets. Before I leave I stand at the door, look back and think if I've left anything behind.
Today I forgot my passport. My cab turned up early and said I should not be late and I hurried. Still no excuse for forgetting my passport. But he refused to turn around when I found out that I forgot my passport and instead went all the way to the airport to a different terminal and got me another cab to go home and come back. I managed. Rather my new cabbie managed, with trance music blasting through the cab. We drove home, picked up my passport, drove back to the airport, ran through fast track security and boarded the flight.
On the flight with my head splitting from too much excitement and spinning from two hours of road rash, the food didn't help. I was half sleeping, half reading and all the time feeling queasy.
But after a Spanish omelette, a smooth cab ride and some hot water in the hotel, I was all set to roam the city at 4 pm. The first place I went to was Santiago Bernarbéu.

The stadium was amazing and they give you good access to the stadium - the pitch, the benches and coaching area. The trophy room is unbelievable and the Best Club Ever Room is larger than life. The club is old and it's about the club rather than the players. So though Casillas and Ronaldo are on the cover of the brochure there is little about either of them.

The dressing room was a little random and people were taking pictures of everything, even the loo. And they have these photo booths that randomly do some  Photoshop. In the end there showed me a nice picture of Casillas and me but they wouldn't give it to me in soft copy so I didn't want it. We looked good together though.

After the tour, I went down to the palace. But couldn't figure out if I could go in or how. So just roamed about in the some gardens and took pictures from far.

Finally landed at Plaza de España. I walked up and down the lanes but somehow didn't feel like eating in any of those places and ended up in Starbucks. I sat there eating wraps, drinking coffee reading a Murakami book.

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