Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Child of Misfortune

The story starts off abruptly with a phone call that Amar received that propelled him to jump on a flight. It keeps you guessing as to what is happening for a long time. Often it feels like it's rather childish, the rivalry that Amar and Jonah share. Only until the story goes back in time to narrate a childhood incident, the murder of a prominent politician. Then suddenly everything becomes real.

It seems like Jonah is playing a very serious game. And mostly with himself because he keeps playing Amar's moves as well. And Amar keeps limping along trying to beat Jonah at his own game but failing miserably. Just like the story, he slowly gathers traction and along the way gathers some odd friends, a Tibetan monk, a Korean social engineer and a Kenyan pharmacist.

And then there is an extraordinary twist in the tale. The story makes sense now. To you and to Amar. So if you thought you were confused till now while the story kept running from pillar to post hovering over a childish rivalry between a rich jobless guy and a psycho kid from no where, so was Amar. And you could not have been more wrong. The story is just beginning.

The plot is incredibly woven and told to the reader in bits to keep you hooked and waiting for the next piece of information. A definite page turner, the story line shows the author draws inspiration from veteran authors like Jeferry Archer in his ability to conjure a story. Writing can be abrupt at times when some ideas need to be explained but smoothens when an action sequence is painted in your mind's eye.

Exhilarating experience it was that I'm waiting eagerly for the next book. I'm assuming it's a trilogy. Is it?
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Updated: I have some inside info that it's a two part series! Check out for more info and updates!

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