Friday, May 30, 2014

State your opinion is an opinion sharing network. It's interesting. Especially after my blog post on the difficulty of stating your opinion on facebook and facing the wrath of 500 people who may or may not have read your complete post or found a completely different angle or pulled your own comments on a different topic completely out of context and screaming at you to accept their point of view and worse, getting personal. There is a need for a network for stating your opinion and discussing it with others who are indeed willing to discuss it rather than deciding what is right. I think this forum has a good future. 

Having said that I don't think I know enough of it to write a review. I received a neat little presentation from BlogAdda on what I must do to get access to this network and review it. On second thought, I could do without it. I needed to login everyday for 5 days and review it in a week of getting access. They were flexible around my holiday but I also work about 11 hours a day and it's diffcult to spend enough time everyday on a new network. And since I did not know enough, I didn't post my incomplete review. But then I need to, right?

So here goes: The site is by far one of the cleanest interactive websites I have come across. It's easy to use and explore. Easy to state your opinion and look for other opinions. It's very interactive by itself, suggesting you more thoughts based on your activity and helping you understand the world a bit better.
I am not sure I was able to share because I wasn't really enthused by it either. Why would I state my opinion on if I would share it on facebook/twitter? I would rather just state it on facebook/twitter. I would like this distinction maintained. 

There are some common features on the website with other social media platforms like trending topics which is probably the most used feature in all social media. What called "tuning in" is basically your interests so the suggestions you receive are tuned into your interest. 

What I do love most is their analysis of the opinions. Basically when you state an opinion it asks you to choose with adjectives to describe it. Once you state you can immediately see what's the percentage of the opinions side with you. You can all see the top word groups to see what other people say about it. And then you have this graph that shows you the spread of people's opinions. It's got highlights and all the opinions. I think it's worth a try and does have a good future, especially among young people looking for ways to express themselves.

Here is their youtube video:

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