Wednesday, August 13, 2014


It's interesting. By far the most interesting city I've been to. How is it that everyone in this city is so upright and so correct in this city. Of course, the only way to be always correct is to be truthfully tolerant about life, universe and everything else.
Isn't that a lovely thought! The only way to be 'right' is to have an opinion and yet accept all other opinions with equal grace unlike brooding over any opinion to be 'right'!
I digress.
I think this city is a lesson in timeless tolerance, a lesson in the understanding righteousness, a lesson in drawing your own lines and making sure you don't step on others' lines and ensuring they don't step on yours. The most incredible people Dutch are. It's like Dagny Taggart found John Galt!
So this attitude seeps into the entirety of the city. In its many canals where people just sit on boats and float away like the world doesn't matter to them. In its many streets where people bike away at a leisurely pace that the rest of the people, in cars or walking have to fit into. In many cafes and coffee shops and smart shops where people are hanging around like they're no tomorrow but different from London's tomorrow. If London were told there was no tomorrow it would race through the whole day trying to do every thing possible in one day, like it does every day anyway.
Amsterdam. I love it. I adore it. I can't fit into it. I'm too argumentative, too opinionated and too annoyed and constrained to ever belong to it. So I may never go back to it.

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