Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten Days of Travel: Intro

My dear Nicaraguan friend came to visit me on a crazy Thursday. K was already in Edinburgh on work and Ivo had already visited London so we went to Edinburgh on Friday morning. We returned to London along with K on Saturday night. On Sunday, we decided to take a day trip to Oxford.

On Monday morning, Ivo flew back to Nicaragua and K and I flew to Italy. An enormous country I'm sure, and only a little of it I've seen. K had been there briefly. But we wanted to go anyway. We flew into Rome on a Monday and spent three days there. On Thursday morning we took a fast train to Florence, barely 1.5 hours. We were supposed to take half a day to go to Pisa but we skipped it because we loved Florence. And we had little time in Florence as it is. We took a late train out of Florence on Friday to Venice, again a fast train for 2 hours. What we didn't realise before planning was that we ended up in Venice on a weekend! We reached Friday night and flew out on Sunday afternoon back home.

The following posts are a series of posts to describe this travel. Original was meant as a single post but truly vast was my knowledge and experience gained on these trips that I needed another post and then another and yet another. 

Update: Now that I finished them all I have listed them down here:

By the time I finished Venice, I had already been to Barcelona and back! Another one on the way now.

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