Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lego Art

It's about time someone made things out of Lego, no? When I was growing up I didn't have Lego blocks exactly but a friend had them and they give these infield possibilities to build anything you like. It's extremely interesting and inspiring for young.
Or so I thought. Recently when I was trying to buy something for some kid and thought of Legos, I found out that all the infinite possibilities have been reduced to only one single possibility per box you buy. And it's Lego that retains are the infinite possibilities that it sells as infinite sets of boxes, and deprives the parents of infinite money and children of their imagination which was what in the first place made Lego blocks so fantastic. I digress, but I think it's important to point out.
Anyway, now that I explained how Lego lost its intrinsic brand value let's move on to the originally envisaged infinite possibilities of the generation that grew up with regular Lego. And it made me wonder how awesome it would be to make things out of Lego like as though it was real stuff, real material for making things. But I'm gifted with neither an artistic talent nor  capacity for patience so I never even attempted it. Of course someone had to do it and so did Nathan Sawaya.
We went to the Old Truman Brewery on a weekend to view the Art of Brick. It was truly inspiring. And a long exhibition that one. The path through the exhibition starts off by replicating the masters. Here is David by Michaelangelo and Van Gogh's Starry night.

There were more! Creation of Adam by Michaelangelo, Rembrandt selfie and many more.

Then comes the fun part - his own creations. Some fun, like the man inside a man and the solar system. And some profound like the split man, the swimmer.

The exhibition goes on and on and then ends up in sort of an activity centre for kids. I would have moved to stay but it was too crowded and all of them were children.

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