Saturday, January 17, 2015

#UseYourAnd - Things that define me

It's hard to say what defines me. Passions define people. I love to read.  It's almost like travel, I keep going into different worlds with the help of different books. I love to write. Although I haven't written as much as I would like to due to lack of time, I'm so engrossed in it when I write that I get hyper when I'm interrupted. I love travel. To see new places, understand the culture, learn a few words in their language, and then write about it. I love to sing, all the time. As I grew up I've learnt to sing in my head but I'm happier singing aloud at the top of my voice. I love acting, especially monoacting. I loved math when I was growing up and in engineering I realised I don't love math enough to love all the hypothetical math, but I continue to love it in its simplicity and use that at work everyday. I love the internet. This may be a slightly odd thing to say but I love to search for things and read up on them. Once I get into Wikipedia looking for something, I get lost going from link to link to learn more and more and gosh! there is so much to learn in this world. I also love breaking down legal language. To read a legal document and make sense out of it makes me feel like I cracked a secret code or solved a smart puzzle. One thing I always regretted was being terrible at sports. But a couple of years ago I found a sport that I'm not completely terrible at, indoor archery and my bow is pretty cool.
And if I had to choose just one thing from the above list of things I love to do, and do it forever, I couldn't. I couldn't even pick three. I think all of these make me who I am. Not a person who writes but a person with many dimensions and perspectives. The Margerison-McCann TMS personality wheel showed as a split wheel, which means the three most significant behaviour traits I have are not fully related to each other. (It does not mean I am a split personality). It only means I have different perspectives on ideas and I can look objectively from various points of view. I think it's a useful trait to have.

Here is a collage (bordering narcissism):

I urge you to use your 'and', and do what you love, all of them. I think it's a great campaign. Check it out. And UseYourAnd.

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