Wednesday, April 01, 2015


Today I start a new label - The Stage.
I remember reading Merchant of Venice and many abridged versions of many Shakespearean plays many years ago, Hamlet included. (I'm writing this in a cab and I looked through my window when a pub named The Shakespeare passed me by. Talk about signs.) You see, I never really liked Shakespeare. Love is supposed to be unconditional and selfless according to Bollywood. Shakespearean love is selfish and destructive.
When K made plans to watch one of my favourite actors as Othello, I refused to join in because my dislike for Shakespeare overshadowed how much I like Adrian Lester. Then.
Now. I regret missing that performance. Not only did I miss watching him as Othello, I also missed Rory Kienner's award winning performance as Iago. And, I also regret missing Shakespeare's Othello.
Haider is the reason.

Haider is extraordinary. There is another blogpost describing how extraordinary it is. But for now, this statement suffices. Haider is a remake of Hamlet and when I realised it's extraordinary, I also realised it was because of the length and breadth of the play itself that gives its directors and actors the opportunity to expand and display their multitude of skills in performing arts.

And now I'm more than excited about Hamlet that I'm going to watch in September. Because now I like Shakespeare, especially Hamlet and I know I won't be disappointed because it's Benedict Cumberbatch who will pay Hamlet.

Irrespective of Haider and Shakespeare, I think I do need a new label for performing arts because K and I have a year's worth of plays.

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