Sunday, June 14, 2015

Election plays from the first week of May

I've watched NewsRevue before and I loved it.
It's a series of comedy sketches on current affairs and they make minor changes to their content almost every week so within a couple of months it's nearly entirely new and sometimes even the cast is new. They are always playing at Canal Cafe Theatre which is a small theatre space above a pub.
So we went to watch them again the weekend before the UK general elections for all the election mockery. 

It was truly hilarious.
I cracked up so much, I don't think there can be one favourite. 
Most of the sketches were about how Dave Cam owns the world or how Nicola is slowly conquering it. The others are just interacting each with their own typical characters.
They didn't leave the Americans out either. Hil-ary was strikingly awesome that I could actually picture Hillary Clinton being on stage herself. 
They had a few other sketches involving Katie Holmes, the birth of the princess, etc.
Even though I watched many other comedy shows on TV around the elections, nothing came close to New Revue! Come elections, comedians surely make money.

With the interest in elections picking up, I also went to another election play at Soho Jerrwood downstairs. While I knew that it was actors reading from scripts, I still went assuming the script will be hilarious. 
But it was boring. It was so boring but it's one of those pretentious intellectual ones so you are not supposed to say it loudly that it was boring. It was supposed to be written using all the language the campaigners used and supposed to be gibberish (but in a highly intelligent way of course). But it was basically 6 people on stage making random election speeches and not funny at all. I heard it a little, dozed off a little and the ticket came with a drink so I got myself a Big Tom after the play. So it wasn't too bad.

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