Monday, August 10, 2015

Motherf***er with the Hat

4.5/5 rating
The Motherf**ker with The Hat | National Theatre

Did I ever have obscenities in my blog? Don't think so. This time though I can't help it because there is one in the title of the play - The Motherf***er with the Hat.
Did the play need an obscenity in its title? Probably not, but I'm sure it got a lot of attention for it. The play itself has a lot of obscenities but it doesn't sound weird or angry, just hilarious.

It's currently playing at the National Theatre in Lyttelton. We got cheap but amazing tickets because we bought on the day the bookings opened, right in front on the stage, close enough to see every single expression.

The sets were not very special but immaculately done. Every time there is a set change the walls come from above and the floor from behind. There were only 3 sets but very detailed.

The story is so complicatedly simple it could have been a soap opera. There was nothing new, nothing extraordinary or nothing outrageous about the play. It's just a love story, with all kinds of complications of course.
What makes this play extraordinarily good is the incredible performance that all 5 characters put together to bring the play to life. Every single one of them played their characters with detail. The lead role of Jackie played by Ricardo Chavira had versatility and depth changing as the play proceeds while Veronica (played by Flor De Liz Perez) supported him strongly with her craziness. Ralph's character (Alec Neuman) was ironic like the guy who doesn't care and expects you to know that but not know that and his wife Victoria (by Nathalie Armin) was a bit dull on the role and acting. The best I thought, was Cousin Julio as a character, perfectly put together by Yul Vazquez, with a funny accent and straight talking attitude; every line delivered left the audience in peels off laughter.

The play was wonderful because it was heartwarming and funny, and well executed. It's been a while since I saw a nice play that it felt really good.

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