Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Simon Evans In The Money

3.5/5 rating
Simon Evans In The Money | Soho theatre

It was a very different comedy night; I give him that. What do you get when you mix money, economy and a very British man? House prices! To be fair that was only a part of it. Generally speaking it was very British humour. Everyone laughed a lot. I laughed some times. The jokes I felt, were not jokes but extremely long winded explanations and people laughed at his explanations and I couldn't understand why.
Thankfully at least he didn't go total left and misinform people like all other comedians. If anything he went total right. All his explanations were correct and normal which is why I didn't find them funny.
I also found the extremely long winded sentences funny for the first few times but having to listen for more than an hour with every sentence going at least 3 mins long was a bit tiring. And I seemingly dozed of mid sentence to wake up after its over and everyone laughed.

All in all, I suppose he was funny and so was the show. It was just not my cup of tea. Mine needs have tea leaves boiled in water.

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