Friday, October 23, 2015

The Hairy Ape

I watched the #HairyApe  at The Old Vic and give it a 4.5/5 rating.

It's a bit out of date I suppose. Some what like Everyman I watched at National Theatre. The classism portrayed is so everyday like that the impact is far reduced. I wonder, 20 years from now, would please think the same about the so called contemporary issues of today?

The play was done flawlessly with multiple set changes that I did not expect from an old play in a West End Theatre. The steam engine room of the ship had a camaraderie of the working class. The singing tunes of manual labour shine on to the dreams the industrial revolution gave people and the eventual strength it provided in their musings questioning elitism.

Acting was good in general, though not too many actors had large roles. Most of the play is just our protagonist who an aristocratic spoilt brat sees covered in coal and screams. I thought he was really good looking covered in coal and screaming and shouting out propaganda of how it is he and his kind that run the ship and not the rich who travel on it. Once he cleans up, he looks a little meek and his vigour and passion seem reduced. The long monologue with the metaphorical hairy ape (our protagonist) and the actual hairy ape was slightly too drawn out but I get the drift.

Obvious special mention to the incredible ape and the actor behind the mask!

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