Thursday, November 05, 2015


I watched Martyr at the Unicorn Theatre and I give it a 3.5/5 rating.

A very interesting play and very contemporary theme (though it's actually a really old thence because people don't change much). A young boy in high school takes a sudden interest in the Bible and follows it literally, becoming more and more regressive. His mother pleads to the school to help him see reason. And his science teacher who believes in science and rejects religion becomes his biggest rival even though all she wants to do is help him.

The subtle undertones of sexist remarks that the principal passes on the rather good-looking science teacher, the general sentiment of our fanatic that a woman's place is at home and the way the tables are turned on the teacher shows that laws may change but justice is hard to find any people don't change.

It addresses religious fanatical ideologies but doesn't give us much hope. I'm not sure what the writer wanted to say when at the end the teacher nails her foot. That she likes Jesus is carrying the sins of people?? That was a bit random. And so was some scene where the guy goes totally naked for no apparent reason.

Reasonably well done with a strong theme but I give them 3.5 because they were too caught up in doing something spectacular that they lost the audience.

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