Monday, April 17, 2017

East Sussex for Easter

This is our first road trip. We have been on road trips before but this our first own road trip. Because I can drive and we have a car. Very late in life to be learning how to drive, but hey, better late than never - even if it is only an automatic driving license.

In the beginning of 2016, K and I decided (or K decided for both of us) that we need to learn to swim and learn to drive. I was reluctant about both but it does make sense on paper to be able to do both activities. One step a time though. So K learnt to swim and I learnt to drive. Having written by theory test in March and failing my driving test 3 times, I passed in my 4th attempt in November and then the hunt for a car began, until finally, we got a neat little city car in February. So here we are in April, going on our very first road trip.

We wanted to avoid the Easter weekend traffic so instead of driving on Thursday night or Friday morning we decided to leave on Friday afternoon and made our way to this cute little town called Rye (yes, like the catcher in the rye). We also had a couple of friends who decided they could trust my driving ! Rye is a small little fishing village with what was voted as the prettiest street in England a couple of years ago - Mermaid street. (This year it is Shambles, York though neither Shambles nor Mermaid Street would have changed the slightest bit over the last few years.) Nevertheless, Mermaid Street is quaint British and perfect for the trip down there.

After a British meal/coffee at Rye, we headed down to Camber Sands beach and found ourselves running after a sky filled with parachute-style kites and an endless flat beach.

We headed to our hotel for the trip near Herstmonceux. It was this wonderful old building with white walls and timber. And had a British dinner of Chicken Tikka Masala!

The next day we headed to city of Hastings with its beach and cliffs and funiculars and seafood huts but the Battle of Hastings did not take place here. It had wonderful views from above the hills and castle in ruins by the time we reached it.

Soon we drove up to this spot where we heard we get great views of the seven sisters and we did. We could actually see seven peaks of white cliffs against the English Channel and the sun was kind enough to give us a good time.

The next day we went to Herstmonceux castle gardens. There were a handful of landscaped gardens and then an expansive area of woods that you can keep going but we walked for probably an hour around the estate.

Then we moved on to the reason for picking 1066 county as the destination for the trip, Battle. Battle is where the Battle of Hastings happened in 1066. We took a 30min walk around the battlefield with an audio guide that took us through the story in detail.

From Battle, and a tea and scones with clotted cream, we drove back to London. Our first road trip taught us that in a relatively short period of time we can see a lot if we can drive around.

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