A forever, stands for Apple

I was jobless at 2 in the night or early morning, whatever. And crazy ideas knock your head. Hear’s what I’ve come up with. The first thing that strikes me for every English alphabet:

Apple iPod, you can’t find me without it
Basketball, not that i play it
Coffee and CCD, anybody’s guess
Dolphin (excl dad), they are cute
Eagles soaring high
Hey, sup ? (the phrase)
I am
Joy and celebrations
Killer man, jus killer ! (the phrase)
Loud, as in music or full of life
Music and madness (excl mom)
Now, right now (the phrase)
Open up. No clue why I said that. Oh yes, Nescafe
Pranava, obba
Quite, silence is sometimes magical
Race, run woman run ! ( "rock" crossed my mind but ive already put music n loud music.. so i chucked it..)
Studd (the phrase again)
Time, no comments
U are
Vroom ahead
Wheels, the car, the book, I dunno
X Factor. From AXN
Y ? Ask the question why
Zoom. Meticulous


  1. This is good. I am going to try this out too. :)

  2. Seriously interesting!! Its been a long time!

  3. Anonymous4:23 pm

    i know its basky for me :P lol :D

  4. @ amrit
    seen your try... you manipulated a lot i see :P

    @ vineesh
    man i still cant write ur name backwards... why dont u try the idea out... its really fun...

    @ roomie
    shud have been blogger for me... i have no clue why i said basky... :P

  5. Anonymous9:58 am

    u unconsciously wrote basky .. and thats for me.. final [:D]


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