tHe dePaRtMeNt oF DEniaLs

by AnuRaG MatHuR

A brilliantly written book. It's humorous and that's what keeps the readers going, since the story is not captivating. But it does make you think. And the satirical humour always makes you laugh. A good read.

I presented this book along with a friend in my Humanities course "Contemporary Indian Novel and Drama in India", just today. So I can go on and on about it. But I wouldn't want to bore madman though puppet would love it :D

Characters that caught my attention:

Baby Loon and Baby Hack
Baby Loon comes from a bureaucratic family who are all at work and the baby is left behind. She is extremely smart but neglected. She speaks like a bureaucrat using official terms.
baby Hack is like an extension. She is from a journalistic family and she speaks like an article from the newspaper

The oldman from the bar
He speaks in pieces and appears only thrice in the book. An enigma. He phrases "All women are leg-spinners"


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    n this is the devil laugh, all gurls with no exceptions think otherwise..

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    i deny that muaahahahhahahahha


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