Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cybercafe with Nimit - the grand finale

there we go again.. the second half of the my conv with NIMIT

boys and girls welcome back
we are of course in conversation wid Pranava
so lets start wid part 2 ...

: thank you nimit... that was indeed a long wait
1st of all lemme thank Pranava for a wonderful Part1... and the TRP or PAGE RANKING of Pranava's blog indicates tht the PART 1 was a big hit... so we are back for one more rocking Session of Cyberchat wid Nimit : err... it was cybercafe (like in koffee :)

ok so here we go
Choose one (and dont think.. just ans !!)
frnds / family ? :
ok good
frnds/ pranava ? :
dunno... depends on situation
tea/coffee ? : coffee anyday
blogging / music ? : music
ohk...past/present/future ? : present
hmmm... tht means u believe in KAL HO NAA HO philosophy ? : nope.. I think abt future... but i don bet on it... i bet only on my present
ohk.. dont wanna tell our viewers tht i m interviewing a smart girl again !!!
ohk.. choose -- money /fame ?: fame
ohk.. probably thts the reason why u r here on this show !! : yeah... its my chance to glory right !! :P
yup ! thts cool.. work / rest ? : u asked already... work
IIT/ Home ? : iit :) its hell remember ??
yup ! i rem
so final one Koffee wid Karan or Cybecafe wid Nimit ? :)
(ans carefully !! ) :
cybercafe with Nimit for sure... (its my show )
not urs !! its mine... :P
may be concept is Ours !!
but i m the host so its mine !
: the name of the show is mine :P ok... its ours
ohk.. cool.. no issues !!
so lets go to nxt section
ready ? :
as ever!

define the following
Nimit :
nut head ( thought it sounded poetic .. no offense) :P
ohk frndship : best thing that cud happen
ohk family ? : born-with concepts
hmm... love ? : something thats confused often with friendship
ohk.. very well answered ..
so how many times did u get confused ???:)
all the 100 times :P
hehe... cool re.. but again m sure u wont mention names
obba names are not allowed
well answered except the one in which u did not mention the names !! :P

Well done Pranava... very well played.. but due to time constraints we wont be able to continue this conversation...anyways congts for winning CYBER HEMPER (i dont know wht tht is, will have to ask the producer of this show !!!)... so lemme take this opportunity to thank u for taking out some time frm ur BUSY SCHEDULE !!, coming here and for this gr8 conversation ... hope to see u soon !!!

So boys and girls this is ur dost and host Nimit Jain Signing off saying bye bye, tc, gn cya nxt week !!


  1. The label describes this post best! :P

  2. See i already told u guys tht this girl is real smart !!
    I think she is gonna write one more post on SESSION FINALE (like KWK)... coz lots of stuff of our conversation is missing !!!

  3. dude u r supposed 2 b doin ur intern!!
    neways nice effort..but u gotta stop mongerin!! :P

  4. @ Jhopdi
    dude m doin my intern only (project related to gtalk,orkut and blogging !!!)...
    anyways chill abt MONGERING thing... m never gonna stop tht !!!

    Cheers !!!

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