Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the Niche...

"Here I am - this is me
There's no where else on earth I'd rather be"

So true... Fully content...

I just installed style xp and got some weird theme on my Internet explorer (yes, I still use ie).
I have taken to iGoogle with a beach theme (which changes along with my mood swings rather than the time of the day as Google stated).
I have a rocket dock hanging over the top of my screen whenever my mouse commands
I have the desktop clean n my wallpaper in full view (which tends to change at least twice a day).
I have a photographic view of the leaves wet in the rain against the beautiful blue sky captured by my window (the real one) which is adorned by a curtain, frilled up with my lovely bracelet.
I finally got a usable table (previously crammed up with the comp), with a clock piece, an Autodesk coffee-mug-turned-pen stand and an Archie's piece, and a monitor to one corner.
I have nickelback playing in the background (followed by a long list)
I have no classes to attend, but loads of work that i love to do.

I am in my cottage (coz of the view from the window)... the Twilight Fairy's garden... the Princess's palace...

And... I thought to myself...

"Here I am - this is me
There's no where else on earth I'd rather be"

PS: plz lemme kno if neone comes up with a cool name for ma cottage... tho ppl wud jus call it 339,Sharav


  1. Animal Planet :P

    Alright, don't make faces now. Why don't you call it the twilight castle?

  2. how about kaali ghaati ki guufa

  3. @amrit


  4. Well i call my room as my kutiya(cottage's hindi version)...:-)

  5. I am damn sure there are very few IITans who like their rooms as much as you do(coz we don't even sleep in our rooms)....
    anyway you may name it "Rivendale"...