Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

When I came to my senses this morning, I was flat on my bed, face down. For a second I didn't know where I was or what I was doing. My comp was on and playing music. I remember some vague pictures of "Hustle". I got up, shook my head and checked the time. It was 6 30 in the morn. I had crashed last night at 8 30. With my lenses on I had just flopped on my bed.
I had work piled up, that which I wanted to finish at 11 in the night and I had crashed right through, for 10 damn hours ! So I rushed had a bath and was out for breakfast.

The second my foot fell next to the grass outside my hostel, the sprinklers came to life. A spray of water hit my foot and I turned to watch a beautiful image. A dozen sprinklers all over the grass on either side of my path. And the rainbows danced above the on the tips of the sprays with my step. A million dragon flies buzzed over my head.

I danced away in and out and back and forth through the day and at about 1 30 in the afternoon I was outside lib discussing some vague topic with a friend I ran into.
And through out my talk I subconsciously kept looking at the leaves stuck to the ground near a patch of flowers in the middle of the library garden. There were a few butterflies here and there. I kept talking and I kept staring.
Suddenly a butterfly whizzed past my eyes and flickered over my head and flew away. My eyes followed it. It flew high and low and roamed about. Finally it reached this little patch, settled down on the ground and turned into leaf ! Wow ! It suddenly clicked me (and I was no longer listening to my friend) and ran, off towards the patch (to my friend's surprise). My running disturbed the 'leaves' and they all turned into butterflies. For a few seconds I was surrounded by tens of butterflies.


  1. RE:
    wow! crazier?? :O dint kno thr was a comparative degree to ur craziness.. thanks anyway fr THE "wow"

  2. @amrit
    Yes it was :)

    duh...!! but i guess no one can get crazier... :P

  3. "WOW!"
    PS: 2 bad i missed it..

  4. IITM sure sounds so very photogenic the way you describe it

  5. @leela

    It is a beautiful place... but one second thought may be i just describe it that way... :)