Friday, July 20, 2007

I am 20


It was yesterday, that I turned 20 and I am no longer a teen, not that it matters in anyway to me. I've already refused a million times to grow up. :)

With Dolfy(one of my closest pals in sharav) leaving on the 17th, all my friends in my batch had left. So I was expecting a lonely 18th.
I had some shifting to do and by 11.30 in the night I was so tired that I dozed away. Deep in sleep some bells were ringing, like metal hitting on metal. I woke up with a start. It was my cell phone buzzing with the vibrator n the tin can ringtone.
He was the first to call and asked me what plans. I said I'll stay awake another half hour to answer phone calls and then sleep.
Next phone call, Haripriya(from my school fictitious sorority sisterhood) and a call waiting from Amrutash(who sometimes mentors me and is responsible for the CFI label in my Gmail, 5th yr Mech-IM)and Mom.
Then, Amrutash called up and asked me to come to CCD(the coffee day inside campus and close to my hostel, closer than what my pocket likes). [Mom call waiting still].
Finally, my MOM got to call me. [:)]

So I reached CCD, Amrutash, Amit(ASES guy I mentioned here, 5th yr Mech-IM) and Karunasri(5th yr Mech-IM) were present with what not but a CAKE! I was stunned. It was a cake. These were all close friends but all were seniors. And I was under the impression that only your batch mates would get you cake.
I remember my 9th birthday which had a cake, my 10th didn't and I never again had a party till my 18th. My 18th didn't have a cake either and my 19th I spent on my bed down with chikun gunya. So here's a cake, after 10 long years!!!
And Mayank soon joined us. Like I mentioned previously, I share my birthday with his.

My day was filled with phone calls wishing me and work, leaving on the 21st, so I have some unfinished business to take care of, especially my project work. I thought I could meet my prof and finish to a level. But I dozed off with my book.
I had a date with the Gods and went to the temple. And now it was dinner time. We all, from last night at CCD, pushed to a multi-cuisine restaurant near the beach called Giorgio (or something like that).
We were joined by a pass out this year, Suri, who should bring with him, what else but a CAKE! OK, now it was unbelievable. This was even personalised with our names on it!
Two cakes in one day after 10 damned years! Man, am I lucky!
After some decently good food and laughter over white sauce(as Amit calls it), we went to the beach to wade in the waters for a while, then picked up juices at Fruit Shop and back to insti.

I am 20
Finally, I am. So did I grow up? Well, my birthday was celebrated with five 22 yr olds. There are two ways to take it; either that I m grown up enough to be 22, or that I am a kid with all of them around.

Hmmm... Naaah.. I won't grow up... I WONT I WONT I WONT


  1. Belated B'day Wishes!!!

    * 2 cakes *.... Mmmm.... Slurp :P
    Lucky you!!! Where's my piece by the way???

  2. @aditya
    one was chocolate mousse.. n the other black forest... [:)]

  3. waa! evil gal, y do u have to put so much emphasis on the cake??

    difficult to skip the possible analogy of u,my senior, bringing me a cake(plural would b better) 4 my bday,na?? :)

    belated wishes anyway.

  4. @leela
    thankch.. the cakes were yummy...
    n those guys were actually not just seniors.. they were super seniors [:P]