Monday, January 14, 2008

Moonshine and Skytoffee

So after the MOP incident. Prachi, Amrit and I grabbed some food and ran to the MUSEUM THEATRE, Egmore, Chennai to watch a play we were going to. I went without even knowing the name of the play.

As it turned out, it was beautiful. they were two stories clubbed into a single play. And they way they clubbed and blended together. It was romantic comedy with a lot of deeper meaning to it. We laughed and smiled through out the play. The best part I liked was the coining of the words 'Moonshine' and 'Skytoffee'. It was just too cute. To know hwy you might want to watch it. It's being staged again on the 26th at 3.30 pm, after which don't forget to join in the proshows at Saarang 2008.

taken from the perch site :
'Moonshine and Skytoffee’ is an amalgamation of two of Basheer’s stories, ‘The Love Letter’ and ‘The Card-sharpers Daughter’. Both explore love in unlikely circumstances. ‘The Love Letter’ is about the love of Kesavan Nayar, a Hindu, for his landlord’s daughter Saramma, a Christian. ‘The Card-sharpers Daughter’ is about the unlikely love that develops between Sainaba, the daughter of Ottakannan Pokker - a cardsharper, and a lovable rogue, Mandan Muthapa, a pickpocket. How these two couples come together in the face of great odds forms the gist of this story. Both these love stories play themselves out with unexpected twists and turns, all laced with Basheer’s sparkling wit and irrepressible humor.

After we came out of the auditorium, I was looking through the photographs of Basheer at the display are when I realised I had read about it earlier on naresh's blog.


  1. Ah!
    So you went for the play. nice. :)
    for a second i thought you saw play after reading my blog. then i realised... :D

  2. :)
    yes... a beautiful play it was... reminded of those days when i used to watch plays in gult back at home...