Sunday, January 13, 2008


I really wanted to accompany Vatsap to M O P Vaishnav College for Women today morn where he was invited to judge an event called "Illustrate a Limerick". But then I came to know yesterday that I have a CAT-like test to write. So I couldn't.

But still. I called him up at 12.15 to say my test is over. he said take an auto and come to MOP, Caesar packs and Prachi has a debate after which we shall have grub and go watch a play. I agreed.

I reach MOP. Amrit sends someone over to take me to them. As I enter I see a participant talking on stage, and the organisers talking to Amrit and Caesar. As I approach, I realise their judge backed out and so they want Amrit to judge this event as well. He is shocked and I start tripping. Then they move on to Caesar. But he has a valid point, he has to leave soon. And they are back on Amrit and I m still tripping. And then the tables turn and Amrit turns to me. They are too polite and I m like "What??!!". Caesar says just say yes. And I say yes and he starts tripping.

So yeah, I judged the inter-departmental debate event, part of the Jhankar 2008 of MOP Vaishnav College for Women! Trippy man! I really hope the participants didn't find me too bad.

Oh! I also got a lovely mug with MOP printed on it as a token of appreciation. :)


  1. One Helluva Sunday it seems :D

  2. Woah! Lolz! Very impulsive people at the college, haan?
    How did the judging go, anyway?

  3. @aditya
    it sure was !!!

    impulsiveness is really interesting.. makes life exciting.. and abt the judging.. i think i did a decent job... still waiting for feedabcks :D

  4. And now you are judgmental as well.... and you wont let me comment on the post....