Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I received a Giftmate voucher, thanks to Saarang PR&Media Coordship.
Well, I looked for sometime up on the web and realised I can't buy much. Either a lousy tee or a get-spoiled-quickga watch or a book.

So I was gonna buy a book. Now which would it be. Just a book I wanted to read. Or a book that I would want to keep with me even if I've reda it already.

I bought my second favourite book of all times - "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. i still remember the awe I felt for Dagny Taggart and the huge crush I had on Hank Rearden, when I first read the book. I never get bored of story of the John Galt Line. So I booked it online.

It arrived today!


  1. Yeay! Lucky PR guys. First their pictures come in newspapers and then they get free books. Awesomeness.

  2. @amrit
    Duh! All coords got it...
    anyway why u cribbing... you even got ur name in the papers just for some 'friendly' flirting with the journalist...

  3. Read on... Dream On.. Crush 'em..

  4. When do I get to read it? :D

  5. @puppet
    live it up man... do u like dead baby jokes ??

    I bought one for the lib as well.. check it out..

  6. @Twilight Fairy

    live it up man... do u like dead baby jokes ??

    Yea may be I should.. I have been gettin this.. oh stop being a sadist shit from a lotta ppl i know... But naah... me dont listen....

  7. although no tells me anything, but if ,I really mean if they did tell me anything

    I would'n listen..
    I can't its too ttooo mean..