Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adam's Universe

Well... Adam's universe is paradise. True. This one is a paradise of sarcasm.
"The Restaurant at the End of the Universe"

Ah! whatever I say will never suffice. The effect is this. ANd that is how I would begin to speak if I read his "Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy"
I should read it.

So should you :)


  1. tel me wen ur done..

  2. @madman
    done with ?? the guide ??

  3. long long ago, n I must admit i m gettin kinda addictd to ur blog

  4. @madman
    a long time ago someone had said to me that I m narcotic..
    I guess so is my kid :D
    shall get hold of the guide

  5. no no no no no, do not do that for now,
    if U wanna read n need suggestions please ask for them, then start readin

  6. And the rest of the three books as well.... All packed in book comes in handy... The rest for your help::

    1. Young Zaphod plays it safe.
    2. Life, Universe and Everything.
    3. Mostly Harmless
    4. So Long, amd Thanks for all that fish.

  7. no no no no no, do not listen to him

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. @madman
    why not ?

    courier them alll :)

  10. Borrowed... Read... Returned... All that is left is experience...

  11. @puppet
    ah! so philosophical

  12. Cynical... Eh Slisha??

    ** Moves and rips off the mask on her with his bare hands (Mark bare here please) **

    Or should I say Pranava...

    ** A lotta Huhs and Ha's around the room... Whispering turns into gossip... And then gossip takes over... He stands with the mask in his bare hands (See I told ya)**

  13. puppet:
    U readin british stuff again?

  14. Only political thought... Only that... None of the extreme stuff... A definetely none with mention of a certain Jeeves in it..

  15. @puppet/madman
    dramatic :D

    one day puppet pulls off madman's amsk n is shocked to see his own face.. then he pulls off his n realises he is madman n that he has been livign a false life all these years :D

  16. fairy:

    ur gettin it all right for once.
    he is the fiction, its like in the dream where in the real n fictional swap roles

  17. Wrong planet again.

  18. @madman
    so am I

    u survived !