Sunday, June 22, 2008


A group of social animals who suppose they are over and above the intellectual capabilities of the other members of their own species and refer to themselves as IITians whose ordinary members of the species are often refered to as people, who are basically bipeds with two arms and one head were fascinated by a piece of equipment that mankind(which is a generic term for these species) believes it has invented since it does not notice that it was flicked by one of their kind from the proxima minorito shuttle space rider.

To somehow use that little piece of equipment which they have come to call a digital camera they decided to record their boring gestures about their equally boring life during a training period which can be more repectfully refered to as a paid holiday. May be they could have done a better job on Frogstar B.

For the sequence of gestures they required characters who are undergoing the same training of wasting their time lazying around a not-so-interesting place called Jamshedpur. One of the required characters was of a female of the same species. The Fairy happened to be one.

Bottomline: A bunch of guys from IITkgp and IITb are making a short film with the internship at Tata Steel as the background setting and I am acting in it.


  1. hmmm..the trippy mood brings out a funny description of this whole short film making saga..:D
    but then including some of the crazy things that we did during the shoot would have made it funkier..

  2. hehe..
    proxima minorita??... Frogstar B??

    (have you been dating marvin lately eh?)..
    was ROFL reading that!!..

    all the best for your lil short film though!!..

  3. @the dreamer
    hmmm.. may be i cud include a few.. lets see if i rem...

    the dreamer is the bad guy in the movie :D

    I m not that depressed in life dude.. I'd rather go out with Zaphod

  4. plight, my misery..but then i feel although i am the bad guy in the movie i get a chance to go out on a date with the good gal in the movie while the good guy watches in despair..[:D]

  5. Ur living at some terms i tell U ,

    i have always wanted to act in a film n make one, i also wrote the script for a movi colin farell cud act in..

  6. @the dreamer
    ah! optimism! :D

    dude! get here.. we'll make the movie :)

  7. fairy:
    get farrell, I wil come anywhere

  8. A correction... The generic term aint mankind... Its HUMANS... Short for Human Beings.... Human Being is btw a nice song by Van Halen.... Guns n' Roses also have a song by that name... Which isnt all that good.... Not their style....

    Thats a totally useless information... Glad to be of no use....

  9. @puppet
    thats what everyone is.. atleast u realise :)