Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Day The T.T. Table Ran Away

There is a certain movie called "The Day The Eiffel Tower Ran Away". I have no idea what it is except that it has been screened on Hallmark channel. I picked it for Dumb Charades :)

Now the title aside, I suck at sports. But I always wanted to learn something. Table tennis seemed like a nice game. I had always wanted to learn it. So at GT1, where I stay in Jamshedpur I decided to play T.T.
I found another girl to play with. She plays. I don't. But she was skeptical about teaching me. So we found two guys friends who play T.T.

The four of us played T.T. one day.
I actually attacked the ball, yippeee!!!
If I play continuously for the next one month I might actually be able to play. And so I decided that every day I shall play.

The next day the T.T. table was gone! Hostel renovation work!

PS: shouldn't it be just tennis table and not table tennis table ?? I mean if it's tennis table it has to be a table tennis table coz u cant play any other tennis on a table !


  1. hehe..

    wot a day!! and wot a waste!!

    dontcha worry!

    i'll give you company in the insti!! lol!!

    the tt table wont take a run at us though!! :P :P :P

  2. ( and no m not tryng to flirt!! ) lol lol lol

  3. @fullstop
    It's not waste.. it gave me something to blog about...
    n TNR for ur second comment kid!

  4. table tennis table... hmmm... cant find similies but i sure have come across some... oh yes... the word 'befaltu' in hindi.. n 'return back'... my brain still works a little...

  5. @ashtung
    I thought it just started working :)

  6. oh... my brain works a lot n i am a wise man... i just choose to ignore my wisdom...

  7. @ashtung
    good one.. it can go on a tee shirt

  8. oh yes... on those stupid wannabe t-shirts... m content with it being my status msg..


  9. n TNR for ur second comment kid

    fairy wats TNR,

    n I luv TT, n I am a pro at it., if destiny has its way U mite get a chance to learn from the great himself..

    here a few tips that come in handy,

    learn to hold the tt racket correctly, it eradicates half of the mistakes rookies make.

    the orange ball is better than the white one :p

    use a wrist band, it gives U a professional feel..

  10. @madman
    TNR = Totally Not Required.. sometimes TNR can be shortened to T also..
    n yeah.. thanks for the tips.. hope to play with u one day

  11. It has wheels and cant run.... It falls...

    Lets just settle for TT table and lets us not have any full forms for TT... For each his own... Peace... mV

  12. @madman
    i learn quickga

  13. gud students implies gud teachers..

  14. @madman
    ofcoruse.. all credit to u