Saturday, June 07, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur 2

Disclaimer: I'm not a foodie and I think anything that is eatable is good. I do not spend too much time thinking about how what I just ate tasted nor on what I would like to eat as long as it fills me and doesnt get me hungry too soon. The only reason I blog about it because Jamshedpur hasn't got anything else to offer.


It wasa nice homely place to have dinner, with lots of families on a Saturday night. There were all kinds of people young and old and still younger. There were teenagers, kids and babies with their parents grandparents uncles and aunts. There was a birthday party. There were a bunch of guys hanging out. And of course there was us.

The food is really good and very filling. Oh by the way, naan is served in two pieces here, I guess it's three only in "Phoenix". I tried a little bit of mutton (which I generally tend to vomit out). The keema was so well-made that it didn't give the mutton after-taste. The not-too-spicy-but-yet-spicy-to-be-tasty food was amazing. Slightly on the higher end of a casual budget.

Then the dessert. Well, don't eat ice cream there; it's too sweet. But then it's not an ice cream place and almost any restaurant I had ice cream in never served good ice cream so no blame there.

All in all, a nice place to go with family or friends on a Saturday night.

So far: I found "City Cafe" a nice place to be.


  1. naan is served in two pieces here,


    n ya, we know your havin a hell of a time in jamshedpur,n you do not loose any chance to show the same

  2. All this food talk raises a question in my tiny little head...

    A slightly observant me notices that days of Cancers are comin along in a short span of time.... What is your day??

    It should now be made aware that the intention of course is to wish you on tht day.... Now that the intention too is clear, is there any particular way that this young lady like to be wished....

    And which of these places is she gonna have cake at?? Hmmmm.... I wonder??

  3. @madman
    well.. once they served it in 3 pieces and we had left food...

    I'll be eating my cake (if any) at vishakhapatnam mostly.
    It falls on one of the last days of cancer.. a coupla days late and i'd have been a lion.

  4. A riddle... No definite date of course... Thats the way it ought to be...

  5. @puppet
    hmmmm.. if you've been following my blog long enuf you'd know... go back to last year this time.. i had a wonderful b'de....

  6. Hmmmm the mystery deepens.... But first a greater mystery to be solved... Where did I keep my magnifying glass

  7. Oh boy. How much will you eat, lady?

    Oh no. It's time for that day of the year when I particularly don't look forward to your blogpost. :(

  8. @puppet
    make way for sherlock

    err.. I eat everyday.. don't you ??
    well, there is really nth else to do at Jamshedpur.

  9. 07/20/yyyy.... US format

    20/7/yyyy.... Indian format??

  10. @puppet
    almost there so i'll give it to you..
    19th July.. so i blogged on the 20th :)

    PS: i think its very sweet of u to go back n browse just so u can wish me this time :)

  11. Elementary Watson!!

  12. a nice description of the few decent eat outs we have here, but the list is missing the 2 i found most delectable..
    deep purple and blooms..before u leave the place do try out these 2..

  13. @puppet
    yeay! u can become an investigator.. better than an mba :D

    @the dreamer
    yes... i still have about 3 weekends...