Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Eat Out @ Jamshedpur

Disclaimer: I'm not a foodie and I think anything that is eatable is good. I do not spend too much time thinking about how what I just ate tasted nor on what I would like to eat as long as it fills me and doesnt get me hungry too soon. The only reason I blog about it because Jamshedpur hasn't got anything else to offer.


Luckily, they have a CCD here! It's like any other simple CCD, with chairs and tables and a couch or two. They, also like any other simple CCD serve coffee, frappe, chocolate fantasy and the soda machine may not work.

This is one place where you find girls so you don't feel awkward being one. The crowd is decent, since there is no other coffee shop or fast food place to hangout at. The music is good with Nirvana and the likes.
A nice place to hangout.

Chappan Bhog

A road-side eatery with Indian fast food.
A nice variety of sweets, chat, lassi, juices, (he even claims of idly-dosa-stuff but I didn't try it out). The food is really good and the spread of sweets is about 30 odd I think. Always crowded, it gives a good feel. On evening, cars are parked around with people feeding on the spicy chat and cool of with a lassi, taking a break from the shopping.


Err... It's a good place to go to if you don't feel like dining in your mess but not want to spend too much either. Not cheap, but decent enough.
Oh by the way, a naan here is served in 3 pieces and not 2 like in South India.

City Cafe

Serves good fried rice. They even serve Italian which is not so Italian but tastes good. A nice place to eat out on a Saturday with a good crowd. They even serve alcoholic beverages though it's not a place where you can get drunk. Just nice for a quite dinner. Slightly on the higher end of a casual budget.


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys n Girls.. Guys n Chicks... The last ones especially... Here you go the coolest places to hang out in the Steel capital of india... Bored of the hot furnances... Chill out at Chappan Bhog...

    Oh boy, o' boy o' boy cant wait to check out these places...

    And I am called the optimist... You girl are givin me serious competition...

  2. fairy: free lance for a local daily in the steel capital, it will fetch some extra money too

  3. @puppet
    Yeah... looking at the brighter side...

    err... I dont write for others.. I write for the fun of it.. :D

  4. you are basically against the idea of makin some extra money thats it..

  5. @madman
    no i ve written articles before.. i just never got paid :D

  6. thats even worse :P