Thursday, June 05, 2008

Eventual Eve

About 10 days ago, I had walked in to the office I shall be working in with two other internies; one was a guy from IIT Roorkee and the other was a girl from NIT Jamshedpur. Except for the two of us, there were no other women to be seen. Within a day we got information that there was just one female employee in the building. I ran into her one day and she told me that she was here for some official purpose and she doesn't really work here.
What else can you expect at an office that runs a blast furnace!

"I really wish some guys join here!".
This was the asperated statement made by the male internie I was earlier talking about. It came as the result of two girls joining in this week in our departmenet as internies. Today when I saw a couple of guys hanging around and said that they looked like internies, he was desperately wishing them to be and uttered that statement which made me roll over in peels peals of laughter.

Imagine a work environment with only male employees and a guy cribbing about being the only male trainee!


  1. You now thats the problem with the world... Everyone wants to change the circumstances and the rest of the world instead of changing themselves.... The guy could have simply turned into a cute chick when he has ready female company at hand(if same-sex company is all he requires)... But no... all he wishes is some guys to join in... :-P

  2. @puppet
    its a very trippy thing.. turn into a cute chick :))))

  3. "Peels" of laughter made me roll over in "peals" of laughter. :D

    He should probably try being a girl at an IIT for a change.

  4. @leela
    mispelt peel thrown away :)

  5. I wonder who tripped on it and had a great fall.

  6. @leela
    surprisingly it was you who tripped on it, but I who had a great fall.