Sunday, June 22, 2008

Oh! My plights!

Serendipity brings you here my friend
Where you share you joys
But mostly it's sorrows that all you have
You remember it all in glance
But joys don't stay long enough
A tear more precious a breathe more alive
A burning pain stays through
Till fire submerges
Drowning yet again
Why someone jots their plights
Is to let no one else know
To keep it within yourself
And shove away the shoulder
So they say ans spread
Sadness across all of globe
So they say and beg
For the merciless mercy from all
So they say and invite
All the empathetic sympathy
So they say
"Oh! My plights!"

PS: Inspiration drawn from a terribly given written All India Mock CAT conducted by T.I.M.E. Yes the test went so bad that the poetry flowed.. but mainly there was this incredible reading comprehension passage about why ppl need not go search for happiness since its not that worth it anyway and the sweetest songs come from our saddest thoughts :D


  1. seemed like a pretty heavy piece till i came to know the inspiration..:D

  2. @the dreamer
    i guess i shud put the inpiration in the blogpost as well

  3. yeah..u surely should
    something like
    P.s.-"here comes the inspiration"

  4. 1. too sleepy to read the poem.. sorry
    2. was trying to go back to it wen the outrageous grammar n reasoning in the lines following the poem put me off..

    a) since wen did u start 'giving' a test girl??? how much do they pay u??? cant believe I hold u so highly wen it comes to all this writing stuff... shame on me...

    b) sadness may give birth to the best songs( I disagree, but) were u born to sing or to smile? In my case I would want it to be latter... of course my life's a waste if it's the former...

  5. @ashtung
    1. go to sleep...
    2. sry for the trouble
    _a) corrected
    _b) not my fault.. thats what that stupid reading comprehension said

  6. yeaH.. CORRECTED.. i'd have preferred 'taking' though...

    yeah... sadden the already sad comprehension by blaming it... that's cruel

  7. The time aint right

  8. @puppet
    time aint never right :)