Monday, June 23, 2008

Weird Weather

I stayed back today to catch some rest.
Was all alone and watching something completely worthless on the idiot box when all of a sudden I thought I heard rain. I turned around and it was all bright and sunny outside so I dismissed the idea and went back to the stupid box. But the sound kept persisting and I walked out to the balcony. It was raining! It was bright and sunny and it was raining! :)


  1. jab jungle mein kisi ki shaadi ho rahi hoti hian tabhi aisa hota hian
    mujhe bachpan mein bataaya gaya tha

  2. @madman
    pehli baar apne hindi use kiya !!

  3. mohtarma hindi aur urdu mein hum khaasi ruchi rakhte hain hum

  4. @TF
    A miracle??

    @Mad Man
    Get a life... Or a urdu for dummies book.... Whichever is easier... Cause i know you wont try for the tougher...

  5. @puppet
    naaah.. jus surprised :)

  6. puppet: now i m sure U do know me

  7. @TF
    Hmmm...(I do that a lot)

    Of course... I know you... And I know your lazy ways... For your laziness is completly shoutingly reflected by the fact that you wanna survive on my existence instead of getting one of your own....

    Have we stretched the split-personality joke way too long to be still considered serious??

  8. @puppet
    do u still think its a joke ??

  9. fairy:
    here is a quiz

    who is schizophrenic?

    1. puppet
    2. madman

  10. @TF
    Of Course not... :-|...
    :-) Couldn't hold on tht.... And well its contagious.... So who else got the smiley here??

    The answer is none.... But a third secret option... Its TF who is schizophrenic (did I get the spelling right??)... She doesnt realise we are her.... :-P

  11. The weather isn't the one that is weird around here, is it?

  12. @madman
    puppet is rgt

    i think i m realising today :D that 2 parts of me live in delhi :P

    now that u are here :D

  13. so the mystery is finally solved..

    its her her her her her her ..

  14. @madman
    we now know it